TM Jarrkoff company has been operating on the Ukrainian market for about 10 years. Its product range has been formed during this difficult economic period for our country. The pioneer and the first product group of TM Jarrkoff was «Fuel»:

  • charcoal;
  • charcoal briquettes;
  • firewood.

The process of producing charcoal has its own specifics. Prepared wood (cut and chopped according to the standards) is delivered by special trolleys into a special furnace called retort. At first the wood is dried at a temperature of 370 °C until all the moisture is out, then the temperature is increased up to 470-500 °C. This process is carried out without oxygen.

After a while the wood gets rid of tar, acids and gases and then eventually turns into charcoal. The process of turning wood into charcoal is called pyrolysis. After the pyrolysis the charcoal leaves the furnace in trolleys. Technology compliance and quality of the wood are the main factors the quality of charcoal depends on.

To produce charcoal TM Jarrkoff uses only such wood species as hornbeam, beech and oak. From these hard-wooded broadleaved species we get the best charcoal which does not emit any harmful substances, provides stable and long-duration heat. After the pyrolysis, he finished charcoal cools down, then it is sorted by 20-80 mm size fractions and packed. Smaller fractions and the dust are processed into charcoal briquettes.



The process of making charcoal is different. The prepared wood (chopped porizanata to standards) on special trolleys fed into a special furnace retort. They first timber is dried at a temperature of 370 °C, where it stands out all moisture, then the temperature rises to 470-500 °C. The process takes place without oxygen. Over time, wood separated resin, acid gases and it turns into charcoal. The process of converting wood charcoal is called pyrolysis. After pyrolysis furnace with trolleys traveled charcoal. The main factors affecting the quality of charcoal - a pyrolysis of technology and quality of wood. TM Jarrkoff for its production uses only breeds such as hornbeam, beech and oak. Of these hardwood comes with better coal that does not emit any harmful substances, provides the most powerful and long-lasting heat. After pyrolysis ready charcoal freezes, then vidsortovuyetsya fraction of 20-80 mm and packaged. Smaller fraction and dust processed into wood-coal briquettes.

Charcoal briquettes and ignite not straightforward. For the convenience of its customers TM Jarrkoff has introduced to its range of products group "Lighteners". First of all it Lighteners liquid, various containers, gel and solid Lighteners instigators. By making liquid instigators TM Jarrkoff fits very responsibly. The base liquid and gel instigators TM Jarrkoff - a clean, no alcohol impurities that do not smoke when burning. This means that charcoal, as a result of the fire and cooked food does not get anything harmful.

The third and most promising product in the range is a group of "Barbecue Accessories". Domestic production is expanding and growing range. For many primary care TM Jarrkoff is permanent and thank customers for making this group of products quality control department selects suppliers with provirenoyu reputation and each party metal proviryayetsya compliance. So for making skewers taken only stainless steel for barbecues and metal thickness of 0.8 mm. These barbecues reliably serve their owners than one season.



Hold in unstable economic conditions may only manufacturers and sellers, which gives preference to its main valuers all products - a buyer and consumer. Against that many brands come down this time from a distance, TM Jarrkoff passed the test of time and only increased its potential. This indicates that the consumer has made its choice in favor of TM Jarrkoff. 

With a wish you good health and prosperity.

Sincerely, TM Jarrkoff